Open Door Day

  • 11 October 2017

Sustainability Management

  • 15 - 16 Oct 2017

Sustainability Assessor

  • 17 - 18 Oct 2017

EFQM Assessor Training

  • 20 - 21 Oct 2017

Qualified Assessor Training

  • 12-14 Nov 2017

EFQM Assessor Training

  • 10- 11 Dec 2017

Seizing game-changing opportunities and shifting resources are some of the strategic priorities every organisation deals with, and when operating in a turbulent environment enhanced agility is invaluable. Join us in Madrid and explore this year’s topic with a selection of keynote speakers and activities...


We are glad to share with you the first EFQM Middle East Newsletter 2017 where we share new updates about EFQM products and services, introduce our new members and recognised organisations in the region, as well as a dedicated expert article from our network. We hope that you will find it interesting, informative and encouraging to purse your organisation's excellence journey.


EFQM recognitioN Scheme

Recognition schemes are all about celebrating achievement and creating enthusiasm for progress. They are a great way to motivate and encourage systematic improvement. They provide a focus for learning and training. They provide achievable milestones during a long term programme and demonstrate progress to your people, suppliers and customers.



What makes the Qualified Assessor Training a unique approach?



Although there is no perfect answer to the above question we wanted to know what does excellence mean to EFQM Board Members....



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