A New way to LEARN AND Build organizational capabilities!


THis year, we have introduced a benchmarking program to support you in building your organisational capabilities, and get to know the secrets of applying excellence by world class organisations.


HOW Does it work?

This is an interactive facilitated program brining value to both participants and host companies. The program structure is as follow:

  • Briefing workshop to plan and develop participants skills
  • Benchmarking visits to explore best practices
  • Post-visit workshop to combine and analyse learned practices.


For more details, please check the benchmarking brochure.


Upcoming Benchmarking Program:

The first benchmarking program will take place during EFQM Forum week in Madrid from 22-25 of  October 2017.

  • 22 October 2017- Arrival
  • 23 October 2017 - Briefing Workshop
  • 24 October 2017 - Enagás
  • Organizational resilience as a key factor
  • In an environment where efficiency and agility are decisive factors for success, continuous adaptability is a strategic imperative. Discover the characteristics that define a resilient organisation during this visit, a role model organisation on this very topic.
  • 25 October 2017 - Morning @ 3M
    • Innovation through Agility
    • Often called the “Innovation Machine”, 3M represents about 50.000 products and 100,000 patents, it is one of the most widely diversified organisations in the world. This was made possible with a consistent, coherent approach to management and innovation which you will learn about during 2h30 and a visit to their Innovation Centre. Every day at 3M, one idea always leads to the next, igniting momentum to make progress possible around the world.
  • 25 October 2017 Afternoon @ Alcobendas City Hall (Madrid, Spain)
  • Alcobendas, a Model City. Presentation of Good Practices on the management model of the City of Alcobendas
  • Ayuntamiento de Alcobendas, the EFQM Global Excellence Award Winner of 2016. This municipality goes the extra mile for its citizens, sometimes delivering creative activities over and above its mandate to satisfy and exceed its customers’ needs despite a sometimes difficult environment.


To register, please fill in the registration form and send it back to us at efqmmiddleeast@efqm.org



  • The cost per participant is 11,000 AED excluding hotel accommodation.  Transportation to the host companies is included.
  • 1,500 Euro to join the EFQM Forum on top of the benchmarking program


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