EFQM Committed to Sustainability Assessment has been designed to provide a holistic 1 day assessment of an organisation’s sustainability strategy. The assessment has been built around 5 Themes and 20 topics (as described in the diagram below).


  • Management : understanding the organisation's sustainability strategy, how it is integrated in the existing management practices
  • Employees : analysing how responsibly employees are managed in order to create a sustainable work environment
  • Environment, Community : how organisations manage their environmental impact and positively contribute to the wider society
  • Owners, Partners : analysing how responsibly the organisation interact with owners and partners, in order to ensure a sustainable business result
  • Customers : analysing how responsibly customers are treated in order to create a sustainable relationship






























Organisations will need to prepare a short submission document. 2 EFQM Assessors will then spend 1 day on-site to complete themed interviews around the 5 themes and the 20 topics. They will assess you, and produce a feedback report, against the 9 criteria of the EFQM Excellence Model, and the 5 themes.  Depending on the score achieved, the organisation will receive the EFQM Committed to Sustainability 2-Star recognition.





















The EFQM Committed to Sustainability Assessment is a simple & easy way for organisations to get feedback on their sustainability strategy. You can apply if you:

  • Have a defined sustainability strategy or program.
  • Measure your progress against the goals you have set.



Some of the benefits of applying for an EFQM Assessment and receiving a Recognition are:

  • Creating enthusiasm for improvement
  • Developing a culture of excellence
  • Receive independent feedback on your strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Increasing the impact of your sustainability strategy



The EFQM Committed to Sustainability 2-Star certificate will grant you with the proof of your commitment and motivation to deliver excellent service. This accreditation will be valid for 2 years during which you also benefit from:

  • The use of the EFQM Committed to Sustainability 2-star logo in your commercial and promotional documents
  • Visibility through your organisation's name in EFQMs database on EFQM website (with a 150.000 visitors a year)
  • EFQMs annual recognition book


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