Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has developed and aligned its vision to the vision and directives of HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, and HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to promote a sustainable, brighter, happier future for the UAE. This vision supports the nation’s Centennial 2071 goal to become one of the best countries in the world, and the Dubai Plan 2021, which has a roadmap incorporating ambitious initiatives and development projects to support economic growth, sustainable energy, and a clean and green environment.


DEWA has incorporated innovation within its vision, and raised its importance as a theme to encompass 40% of their strategy map for 2021. They have developed a comprehensive strategy to drive organisational innovation and empower DEWA to achieve its vision to become a sustainable innovative world-class utility.


DEWA is working to make its stakeholders as happy as possible by using disruptive technologies to produce, transmit and distribute electricity and water, providing electricity and water services at world-class levels of reliability, efficiency, safety, and environment.


To achieve this ambitious vision, DEWA aligned its strategy with the UAE Green Economy Strategy, United Nations Agenda for SDGs, the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050, to generate 75% of Dubai’s total power output from clean energy by 2050, resulting in the Emirate having the lowest carbon footprint in the world by then. DEWA also aims to achieve the Dubai Demand Side Management Strategy to reduce consumption by 30% by 2030.


DEWA’s role in this is vital, using its 50 years of experience to serve over 800,000 customers.


DEWA is a customer-focused organisation that makes its customers happier by providing them with value-added services. DEWA implements the Dubai Government 7-star rating criteria: where its customers are segmented, and then their needs and expectations are explored and translated into innovative value-added services.


DEWA meets electricity and water demand with nearly 100% reliability and availability at world class levels throughout the year. DEWA has received a five-star certification by The International Standard for Service Excellence (TISSE), with a score of 98%. This is the highest in its class, having recorded a score of 95.2 in 2016 in the Dubai Government Excellence Program, and achieved many certificates and awards in customer happiness areas.


DEWA has incorporated sustainability within its vision statement. Its corporate values and strategic plan aim to achieve its long-term sustainability objectives, using the Triple Bottom Line: Financial, Social and Environmental.

DEWA’s value chain for electricity and water starts with planning, managing capital infrastructure projects, generation and production, through to transmission and distribution to all customers in Dubai. DEWA has introduced the innovative IPP business model to build the largest single site solar park in the world.


The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park will generate 5000 MW by 2030, achieving the lowest global prices per kilowatt hour due to strong regulations and investor confidence in Dubai.


Innovation is a part of DEWA’s makeup and is embedded within its core business. DEWA adopts an integrated strategy to stimulate and implement creative ideas and suggestions, keeping pace with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and continues to adopt and implement a culture of creativity and innovation in its initiatives and projects, and supports the Dubai 10X initiative, which mandates the Government of Dubai to become a global leader that is 10 years ahead of all other cities.


DEWA’s innovation strategy is segmented into five tracks which are stakeholders’ happiness, technology, sustainability, operations and business model. DEWA has developed an innovation ecosystem to create a culture

of innovation by encouraging ideas from all stakeholders and then evaluating, selecting and adopting the best ones.


DEWA’s workforce has over 11,300 employees from at least 66 nationalities, whose happiness measures at 85.1% on the Happiness Index. DEWA has an integrated a Human Resources Management framework of regulations, policies, 7 key processes and HR support systems. Some of the key strategic initiatives are DEWA’s Assessment and Development Centre, E-recruitment, and Smart Transformation of HR Processes, among many others.


DEWA has achieved world class results, with some key results shown below:

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