The Qualified Assessor Training is pass or fail intensive 3-day course focused on practical application of assessor competences and aimed at further developing the understanding of an organisation’s context and strategic priorities. This training’s purpose is to produce skilled and qualified assessors ready to:


  1. Perform robust Committed to Excellence (C2E) & Recognised for Excellence (R4E) assessments;
  2. Deliver balanced high-added value feedback for all applicant organisations at both strategic and operational levels;
  3. Make a valuable contribution to an external assessor team;




The Qualified Assessor Training will further develop your assessor competences and confirm your experience through team work and discussion forums. This intensive course will be supported by a case study enabling you to perform a close to real-life assessment of an organisation applying for a Recognised for Excellence program.
















Note: Prior to this course you need to familiarise yourself with a case study to understand the organisation and its environment. This is an important part of the preparation stage and must be completed before the course.


During day-1 you will consolidate the pre-course work on strategic priorities with the rest of the participants before learning from your trainer the importance of an organisation’s context and stakeholders’ expectations. You can also expect to gain a deeper understanding of the EFQM Fundamental Concepts of Excellence and be able to fully use your knowledge on the EFQM Model and the RADAR logic.


Day-2 will focus on practical application of assessment and more specifically a Site Visit:


  • Turning hypothesis into feedback;
  • Developing the Site Visit plan;
  • Performing interviews;
  • Understanding the “Ability to demonstrate maturity in excellence”;
  • Writing the Executive Summary, Criterion Part Feedback and RADAR Scoring;


Finally, during day-3 you will learn how to put together the feedback report. This includes:


  • Creating strategic feedback on Fundamental Concepts of Excellence;
  • Creating operational level feedback on criteria - Scoring using RADAR;
  • Learning to provide feedback to senior management during a closing meeting;



The Qualified Assessor Training has been created for those who want to further develop their assessor skills and confirm their experience to be able to perform assessments in the Levels of Excellence offered by EFQM.


This course is an important step on the development path of becoming qualified EFQM Assessor.



Relevant business experience.

In order to attend this course you will need to have passed the EFQM Assessor Training (EAT) and to demonstrate your experience performing self-assessment, internal assessment, peer assessment of other organisations. After your registration for this training, an EFQM Team Member will contact you for a short interview.



Throughout the 3 days, you will be evaluated by the trainers, based on an Assessor Competency Framework. This individual assessment and coaching is based on your team work contributions, your evaluation of information, your feedback and written exercises. It helps you to further build on your strengths and work on your areas for improvement.


Passing enables you to potentially act as an EFQM Recognised for Excellence Assessor. It will demonstrate to your colleagues and peers that you have acquired the skills and knowledge required to effectively assess an organisation as part of a high performing international assessment team, as well as to develop and practice managerial skills.




The upcoming trainings are:

  • 15- 17 Sept 2018 - Dubai


Note: Registration should be done 4 weeks in advance



  • EFQM Member:  AED 9,280.00 (excluding VAT)
  • Non-Member:  AED 11,600.00 (excluding VAT)


For more information, don't hesitate to contact efqmmiddleeast@efqm.org





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