An EFQM Recognised for Excellence assessment provides learning for everyone involved in the process.  This starts from preparing the initial input for the assessors, through all the interviews conducted on-site and in the final feedback report the Assessors produce.


A team of 3 to 5 assessors will spend several days on-site, interviewing people from all levels of the organisation.  These Assessors are trained by EFQM but come from other Member Organisations, giving you a "peer to peer" assessment.  We deliberately select Assessors from a range of different backgrounds to maximise the learning opportunities.


The size of the team and the amount of time they spend on-site varies depending on the size and complexity of your organisation.  Past applicants have ranged from 10 people in a single site to 80,000 people, working across 5 continents.


The feedback report is normally around 20 pages, giving you valuable insights into your current strengths and potential for improvement.


The EFQM Recognised for Excellence assessment feedback:

  • Is honest and direct
  • Builds a clear understanding of the organisation, its strategy and challenges
  • Helps the organisation to focus on what is important for its future
  • Stimulates the identification of practical next steps and how to improve



  • Rigorous and robust assessment that delivers independent value-adding feedback
  • Create enthusiasm and encouragement for improvement
  • Increase organisational value added for all the stakeholders
  • Engage and motivate your people at all levels
  • International recognition that will enhance the value and image of your organisation



The EFQM Recognised for Excellence is designed for those organisations or business units that are well on their way to organisational excellence. A typical profile of an applicant organisation looks as follows:

  • Most important results have been improving for 3 years & have some external comparative data to put them into perspective
  • Major processes are defined, controlled, regularly reviewed & some clear improvement in approaches over time can be demonstrated
  • Have assessed themselves against the EFQM Excellence Model more than once & have confidence to score above 300 points



The application fee for EFQM Recognised for Excellence depends on the size, scope and complexity of the applicant, e.g. 1 site or multi-site assessment, large organisation or SME, ...  It will vary as follows:

  • EFQM Member : between 9,000 and 14,000 Euros (excluding taxes)
  • Non-Member : between 12,857 and 20,000 Euros (excluding taxes)


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