A highly interactive, on-line 1 hour training course to help participants accumulate a basic understanding of what Sustainability is, in an interactive way


Participants will receive access to an on-line e-learning awareness course “Let’s Think…”, which in 45-60 minutes helps you increase awareness, facilitate thinking process and change behaviour related to corporate responsibility and sustainability, as it is:

  • Structured around 7 easily understandable Areas (Management, Owners, Employees, Suppliers, Customers, Communities, Environment), to ensure awareness
  • Based on advanced, yet simplified content, to improve understanding
  • Uses characters, audio and animations, to ensure a user friendly experience
  • Based on  how correct answers are  to given dilemmas (rather than right or wrong), to facilitate employees’ thinking
  • Includes 7 realistic, practical work related case studies,  to drive change in behaviour
  • Provides feedback per overall results, question and correctness of answers to facilitate learning



This on-line course is highly interactive, and uses animated scenarios with dilemmas split in 7 modules:

  • Management
    • Understanding management, GRI, Stakeholder Engagement etc.
    • Scenario on Program Assignment
  • Owners
    • Scenario on Responsible Investment
  • Employees
    • Scenario on Equality & Fairness
  • Suppliers
    • Scenario on Responsible procurement
  • Environment
    • Scenario on Resource Use
  • Customers
    • Scenario on Responsible Communication
  • Communities
    • Scenario on Responsible Donations


For further information on this e-Learning course, take a look at this video.



The EFQM Sustainability e-Learning is open throughout the year.


If you want more information or to register, feel free to contact us at efqmmiddleeast@efqm.org


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