EFQM is a not-for-profit foundation, established to support sustainable economic development. The EFQM Excellence Model is a framework that has been used to drive sustainable organisational development for over 20 years. It can be applied to any organisation, regardless of size or sector. It is based on observation and learnings from leading organisations on what has made them successful and what they need to do to remain competitive in future.


We are a member-based organisation. Members of our network may come from a diverse range of countries, sectors and industries but they share one goal - the pursuit of excellence. We have a network of Partners who can support organisations, throughout and beyond Europe, in the local language. Together with our Partners, we currently support 30,000 organisations in Europe to develop and grow.




The EFQM Excellence Model provides a platform and common language to share their experiences and learn from others. The desire to share, learn and innovate is what drives our economies forward. What was considered "best practice" yesterday rapidly enters the mainstream and becomes common practice today. To stay ahead, organisations need to adapt faster than ever. Introducing a proven practice from one sector to another is one way to achieve this.




  • Training leaders & managers to use the Model to drive improvement in their own organisations and spot what's really making a difference in others.


  • Assessing organisations using peer to peer reviews to understand what's behind their success and where they need to focus their improvement efforts.


  • Recognising leading organisations and the good practices they have developed that set them apart from the pack.


  • Sharing the good practices we have identified through peer to peer assessments so others can learn and improve.


Together with our Partners, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of products and services to support your organisation's journey towards excellence. These are designed to give your people the knowledge, skills and tools required to identify and drive the changes required to ensure your future success.




Over the last 20 years, we have seen many of the concepts defined in the EFQM Excellence Model, and the good practices adopted by our Members to address these challenges, transition from innovative approaches to common practice and, ultimately, industry standards. This cycle is driven by competition in the global economy. Because the Model is non-prescriptive, we can work with organisations at the leading edge of this cycle, finding solutions for tomorrow's challenges today.

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